Thursday, February 11, 2010

Regina's Niece's Oral History Interview

In January 2009 I flew to Los Angeles to meet members of Regina's family. I interviewed two relatives for my documentary. Regina's niece, Lorelei (born Margaret Helen Anderson) is the daughter of Regina' brother Maurice B. Anderson. As Lorelei mentions in the clip, she was raised by Regina's mother Margaret from the age of 5 until 17. She got to know Regina and her husband Bill through their visits to Illinois to see Regina's family. Below is a clip.


Mary said...

Sweet! ("I recognized that as a little kid") :)

Anonymous said...

Prior to becoming a wealthy landowner William Trent Andrews Sr. was among 27 African American nomninees, the last in 1886 to enter the Military Academy at West Point. It is known that Sumter, SC was his home before entering Howard University where he most likely knew James Webster Smith, Henry Alonzo Napier and Michael Howard, also West Point nominees. My surfing the internet for information on William Sr. and Jr. have been to no avail. Can anyone help with information on this father and son?