Friday, November 23, 2012

Chapter Six - The New York Public Library

Regina Andrews worked at the New York Public Library from the early 1920s until her mandatory retirement in the mid-1960s.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Chapter 5 - The Harlem Experimental Theatre

This digital story chronicles Regina Andrews' involvement with the Harlem Experimental Theatre during the Harlem Renaissance.

The Wisconsin Book Panel

Yesterday I was on a panel, Recovering Black Women Writers from the Harlem Renaissance and Beyond, for the Wisconsin Book Festival with my friends professors Cherene Sherrard-Johnson and Tracy Curtis. I shared my work on Regina Andrews. We were quite pleased to have a large turnout for our session and I always welcome the opportunity to talk about Regina.

Audre Lorde and Regina Andrews

I was invited to give a talk about Audre Lorde's library career. During my research I discovered that Audre Lorde was a clerk at the New York Public Library from 1955 - 1958 and she clerked at the Washington Heights Branch in 1956 when Regina Andrews was the Supervising Librarian there!