Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hyde Park - August 2009

Yesterday I sublet a one-bedroom apartment in the Hyde Park section of Chicago (where Regina Andrews' was born and raised) for the month of August as a writer's retreat. While there I also intend to conduct research at the Chicago History Museum, the Newberry Library, the Hyde Park Historical Society and the Special Collections of the Chicago Public Library. I also want to take a trip to Normal, Illinois where Regina spent several years living with her maternal grandparents.

According to the landlord, the apartment is in a 1906 vintage Howard Van Doren Shaw house (I don't know who he is but looked him up on Wikipedia). I'll take pictures when I move in. The home is on the same block as Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House (I know who he is).

I'll work on my biography and photograph places in Hyde Park where Regina lived, worked and went to school for the documentary.

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Mary said...

Wow. Congratulations! This is so cool. You are immersing yourself in her life. And what a rich area of information. Thanks for doing this blog. I have long wondered about Regina Andrews from the background of other books about Du Bois and about the Harlem Renaissance. It's very cool though to see the writing process...