Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chicago (Hyde Park)

One idea that came from the Creative Non-Fiction course was to continue to move forward by doing a variety of things related to our projects. The instructor suggested that I go to Chicago to visit some of the places where Regina lived, worked, etc. I had planned to go at some point but I just found the perfect opportunity. The Chicago History Museum is giving a 4-hour bus tour on Saturday, June 27th. Hyde Park is the section of Chicago where Regina lived as a little girl. She's a graduate of Hyde Park High School--also attended by Amelia Earhart.

I was able to obtain pictures of the two homes where she lived from the Cook County Assessors website: 530 E. 45th Street and 4609 Vincennes Ave.

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Mary said...

Wow, this is so cool. It comes to life, becomes real for me seeing where she lived. I am looking forward to the book and this blog, Dr Whitmire!